Adding Style with Benches

benches and settees

For sheer versatility in serving a number of uses, it’s difficult to imagine a more hardworking category of furniture than benches. For occasional seating, storing an extra blanket, or serving as a perch for guests’ items, a bench can fill the job with style and panache.

Benches have such a wide variety of uses; you’ll find them to be a helpful and beautiful addition to any room in your home. And they also the advantage of being easily moved, so you can quickly place your bench in a new location as your needs change. Besides, benches can also be graceful and beautiful to look at, so they enhance the overall look and feel of a room by making a stylistic statement.

It’s impossible to choose just one room where benches are most often found; these pieces of furniture are equally at home in any room. Starting from the entryway to the farthest bedroom or bathroom, a bench can add its weight in gold in terms of usefulness and appearance.

In an entryway, a bench provides an invitation for guests to come in and have a seat. But not only are entryway benches an indication of welcome, but they also provide the perfect spot to store a guest’s coat or purse. A bench in the entryway can also offer a place for you to place your keys, mail, or a grocery bag as you arrive home from a long day out.

benches and settees

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Moving into the other rooms of your home, a bench can provide elegant seating as a part of a conversation area in your living room. One of the best features of a backless bench is that it doesn’t block the visual flow into a conversation area as would a sofa or chair with its back facing you. Benches can also provide excellent seating at a dining table; in fact, adding a bench to your dining room set creates visual interest and a bit of an eclectic look.

You’ll also find that a bench is ideal for mimicking the inviting look of a window seat when you place it under a window. This function would work in any room, from a living room to a breakfast area to a home office or bedroom.

Speaking of bedrooms, benches are the perfect solution for holding extra blankets, a bedspread, or a duvet when it’s time to sleep, and the convenient placement of these items means that making your bed the next morning is a piece of cake. You’ll also find that the graceful lines of a bench can add to the feeling that you are creating in your bedroom, whether you are going for a peaceful and restful vibe or more of a romantic look.

The versatility of decorating with settees is limited only by your imagination. Have fun and enjoy the adventure!

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