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for a well-appointed interior, don’t forget about the ceiling

When creating a warm and inviting home environment, it’s easy to concentrate on your home’s floors and wall spaces. After all, these are the areas that naturally draw our attention. However, there’s an essential part of every room that deserves equal consideration in order to add style and create a feeling of completion within the room: the ceiling.

It’s a fact: every room has a ceiling. And it’s also likely that the ceiling is the last area to receive attention from a decorating standpoint; many designers even refer to the ceiling as “the final frontier.” But you’d be surprised at how small ceiling details can transform a room and completely upgrade the overall look and feel.

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The strategic use of ceiling design elements not only provides the elegant finishing touch to a room, but these embellishments can also help to compensate for a room’s shortcomings. For example, in a room with low ceilings, the addition of crown molding at the edges of the ceiling draws the eye upward, creating an illusion of greater height. In contrast, when you paint the ceiling a darker color than the walls, a room with too-tall ceilings seems cozier.

Coffered ceilings are a versatile way to add texture and interest to any ceiling. These are small square or rectangular panels that are applied to a ceiling; you’ll often find them painted to match or coordinate with the existing wall color. Besides, coffered ceiling design elements such as tin panels provide an interesting contrast to the walls and transform the ceiling into the artistic focal point for the room.

Panel molding applied to ceilings can help to upgrade and add style to the room subtly. Primarily if it coordinates with other trim elements within the home, molding details can provide a cohesive cross-linking element that helps to establish the decorative flow between various rooms within a home.

Rooms with chandeliers offer special opportunities for unique ceiling embellishments such as ceiling medallions. These beautiful decorative elements serve not only as a method by which you can showcase an elegant chandelier, but they also enhance the ceiling itself and provide an additional touch of style. With medallion designs available in a number of different shapes and with varying degrees of ornamentation, a ceiling medallion offers the perfect finishing touch for any decorating style.

A ceiling dome offers a similar stylish focal point for a room’s ceiling. Available as an enhancement for lighting or as a decorative element on its own, a ceiling dome provides a sense of completion for the ceiling and adds the illusion of height, as well.

Whatever the decorative ceiling design embellishments you select to enhance your ceiling, the room will become more welcoming and put-together for an environment in which you’ll enjoy spending time.

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