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Creating a polished look is easy with elegant molding. For a dramatic yet visually appealing look and one that makes any room look completely finished and polished, try creating decorative areas on the ceiling using crown molding and panel molding. Special ceiling details like moldings can serve many purposes. They can give the room the appearance that the ceiling is higher than it is or can make a room with a high ceiling look shorter. This can also create a beautiful and elegant backdrop to showcase pretty, decorative hanging lamps and chandeliers.

Careful attention paid to ceilings by using such artistic touches as classic ceiling medallions, panel molding, and architecturally interesting pieces like rosettes helps to create a more polished and ultimately a more finished look in any room. This helps to add extra three-dimensional design interest. It also allows the decorator to show off an extraordinary flair for unexpected decorative touches.

Sophisticated Le Chambre crown molding in this room provides a glamorous way to finish off the edges in the central design of this ceiling. To create this beautiful look, the medium size was used. The Le Chambre design is also available in small and large sizes which could be used to create a different look. Finishing off the ends, pretty Cumberland panel moldings on the ceiling are featured along with Devin rosettes.

Ceiling moldings can make the line disappear between where the wall and ceiling meet, giving it a beautifully seamless and flawless appearance.

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The look of this room is made even more attractive by featuring the stylish San-Antonio decorative ceiling medallion. It features acanthus leaves along with a pretty and unique egg and dart design. Acanthus leaf designs have been used for centuries to add extra interest to medieval styled jewelry and as template designs for the creation of calligraphy patterns.

When the acanthus leaf design is combined with the popular egg and dart styling, it creates a stylish and elegant medallion that quickly becomes a prime centerpiece, drawing the eye up towards the ceiling. Created from a lightweight polyurethane material, this medallion is extraordinarily light compared to those made from other materials like gypsum or plaster. It is attached easily to the ceiling using a particular type of adhesive made for ceilings.

It’s these extra elegant and thoughtful ceiling details used in such a beautiful way that make a room truly stand out and give any room a whole extra dimension of appeal. Now any room can be made to look like an architectural masterpiece, no matter where the home is located. Impressive architecture does not have to be reserved only for fascinating places like Greece. These design trends can be brought into the home confidently in a beautiful way. Pretty ceiling details like these can fit seamlessly into the home.

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