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There is a common opinion that exists that ceiling medallions, as well as other decorative architectural elements in the room, have to be painted white. This point of view is not always correct. You should coordinate colors of the ceiling medallions and other decorative architectural embellishments with the overall color theme of the room.

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If ceiling medallions are used in traditional decor, the details can be highlighted in a tone down paint, creating a subtle tone-on-tone effect. An interesting effect can be achieved on the ceiling medallions that are molded in deep relief using a “dry brush” technique when you go over base color with dry brash using deeper color.

If you want to achieve a bolder effect, you can highlight ceiling medallions design with gold, bronze, silver, or brass paint. If ceiling medallion is used along with a lighting fixture, the decision of the metallic paint choice should be based on the kind of finish metal part of the chandelier or other lighting fixture has.

Faux finishing of ceiling medallions and other architectural elements now is very popular. Ceiling medallions can be faux finished using an antiquing technique, or they can be finished to look like wood, stone, leather, or even fabric.


Metals such as bronze, copper, brass, steel, and lead naturally tarnish and corrode with time. Verdigris is an excellent finish for creating the illusion of distressed metal or oxidized copper. Faux verdigris imparts an aura of antiquity to architectural details and ceiling medallions. 

Applying this technique to a ceiling medallion is a great way to complement a chandelier or lantern which has this “rustic” detail applied or has naturally tarnished with time.

Metallic Finish

Allow this distinctive and fashionable finish to be the center of attention in any room. Using all architectural products, you can design and compliment a complete room using this bold technique. 

Make your job of finishing even more effortless by not having to worry about pre-treating or priming any of our ceiling medallions before you begin. This technique fits any style of decor, from contemporary to antique applique.


Stenciling offers a quick and simple way to add pattern to any painted surface. Apply decorative stencils to ceiling medallions to complement and accent any room. Precut stencils are available in myriad styles – the options range from traditional Early American to sophisticated to whimsical. 

With typical stenciling folk art form, you can match any of our architectural products. Tie your entire room together from your rug right through to your furniture.


Decoupage, derived from the French word “decouper,” meaning to cut out, is the creative art of pasting, assembling and varnishing paper cutouts for accenting objects.

Combine this wonderful detailing and whimsical finishing option with other methods to create an even more unique effect. The decoupage artist is limited only by his or her imagination.


Faux marbling brings out the lavish details of the ceiling medallions. Create an elegant feel by marbleizing your ceiling medallions to match your floor or to create a conversation piece which draws the attention of your guests..

Marble is an intricate pattern stone. Re-creating it requires some skill and judgment but is not as challenging as you might think. Remember, base coats are easily applied directly to any of our ceiling medallions because of their pre-finished treatment..


Used judiciously, weathered crackle can add interest to ceiling medallions and other architectural elements without making them appear worn out. Paint that has been exposed to weather or left for long periods in an abandoned house often cracks in an interesting random pattern. You can replicate this effect with a commercial weathered crackling product, which when applied between coats of paint, will cause the top paint to crack and reveal the base coat. Crackling effects are extremely attractive on the ceiling medallions because of their inherent nuances, which are further highlighted with this technique. .

Apply this technique to give your room a casual country or French provincial feel of elegance and charm. Historical appeal and added heritage are instantly created when this faux finish is applied to our ceiling medallions and crown moldings.

Wood Grain

Well painted wood grain is so convincing that you can stand next to it without realizing it’s faux. While graining certainly takes skill, judgment plays an equal role – you have to know what the wood looks like and make subtle adjustments to your work to bring out realistic pattern and colol.

In faux finishing of the ceiling, medallions are very important to oversee not only color but texture also. For example, if you want your ceiling medallion to be faux finished to look like wood, you may consider making tiny dents, that imitate trace of wooden bug.

Spray Paint

Apply this simple, but yet effective finishing technique to achieve a balanced any classy look.

Match any piece of furniture or decor item with a direct coat of color, or achieve an even more unique look by overlaying multiple colors. Allow your vision to be the guide to selecting a color pallet.

Hand Painted Details

Let your imagination run free by hand painting ceiling medallions. 

Create any mood you desire by applying a smooth or textured paint directly to our ready to finish surface. Remember, all our ceiling medallions are pre-finished and ready to decorate right off the shelf.

On and on the possibilities of ceiling medallions finishing seems to be endless. You just have to set free your creative side.

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