Decorative Sculptured Wood Molding

wood molding is introducing an elegant collection of sculpted wood moldings. Molding from this collection is made from premium grade poplar wood with high relief designs carved from a wood composite material that has the same density of wood and cannot be differentiated from the wood itself once painted or stained. The affordable prices make getting a sophisticated look does not have to cost you a fortune.

The sculpted wood molding collection has many designs to choose from so that you can easily choose what fits your style and minimize the need for compromise. Choose from many of the crown moldings, friezes, chair rails, or panel moldings that are included in this collection.

You can easily match different types of moldings with complementary designs. If you fall in love with a crown molding and you also need a chair rail, there is no need for your design to look disjointed: look at the chair rail collection, and you are bound to find something that will intrigue you and look great with your first choice of molding. Many designs are also available in multiple sizes so that a design that you love will fit into rooms of different sizes, not overpowering small rooms or disappearing in larger rooms.

Like many of the wood molding and other carved wood products designs on our website, the architectural details on the sculpted moldings stem from many ancient designs. The Modesto molding takes the autumn harvest motif ideas from the Italian Renascence period. The design was used in the Baptistery in Florence. The egg-and-dart molding design originated in Greece. It was used to adorn capitals that were used in the interiors and exteriors of palaces and other architecture.

The molding designs that have been adorning palaces and magnificent temples for centuries can beautify your home today. The amazing classical designs in a modern light will bring elegance while still going together with your design flawlessly.

The great thing about this luxury wood molding is that it looks great whether you paint it or stain it. If your design calls for a painted molding, then you just prime and paint the molding. If stained molding is the look that you were going for, apply thin coats of your favorite stain until you reach the desired look. Either way, the molding will look great and cohesive.

The look of the sculpted molding is not the only reason to get it: the installation is a snap as well. All you have to do is measure the room and get the right amount of molding than install it with liquid nails and reinforce each strip with 2-3 molding nails nailed into the wall stud.

Our new molding collection makes it fun, easy, and affordable to create your unique look and to enjoy it.

wood molding collection

All moldings available in stainable flexible material.

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