Decorative Stair Brackets – the Finishing Touch for Your Staircase

staircase with decorative stair brackets; staircase design ideas; staircase inspiration

One of the simplest additions to a staircase that can provide a significant accent is the addition of stair brackets. From simple contemporary designs to more elaborate styles, decorative stair brackets help to give a finished look to a set of stairs.

Often found in historical homes of Edwardian and Victorian origin, stair brackets are experiencing a comeback as homeowners discover their elegant simplicity. These architectural embellishments can be used to add subtle detail to complement the design of a staircase, or more elaborate bracket designs can make a decorative statement on their own. While brackets may initially seem to be a small addition to stairs, homeowners find it surprising that they make a significant impact on the home’s overall feeling of elegance and attention to detail.

While some designs of stair brackets have designs that are firmly rooted in a specific style of decor, other designs lend themselves to several architectural styles. This means that these interesting and stylish brackets can be used to spruce up a staircase in a room of any architectural style. From the simple and streamlined to the lavishly detailed, the right brackets can offer the perfect finishing touch to a set of stairs.

As each stair bracket is solely a decorative device and does not perform a function as do other parts of a staircase, the installation of these details is simple enough that they can be installed by anyone who can handle glue, small nails, and a hammer. Once the bracket is in place with glue, a few finishing nails do the trick to hold the bracket firmly in place for the long run.

If painting or staining the stair bracket is desired, it is best to do this prior to installation. The small details and ornate designs on many styles of stair brackets make it more difficult to paint or stain them after they are installed on the sides of the stairs.

When selecting a style of stair bracket, remember that these embellishments have either a left or a right orientation. Depending on the staircase where the brackets will be installed, the proper stair bracket will either be called a left bracket or a right bracket. Brackets that are designated as left brackets have the narrower part of the design on the left side, and right brackets are a mirror image of left brackets; the narrower part of the design is on the right side.

staircase with decorative stair brackets; staircase design ideas; staircase inspiration
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