Incorporating Sconces into Your Decor

decorative wall sconces

Of all of the choices in lighting fixtures, wall sconces go back the furthest in time. From illuminating the corridors of ancient castles to brightening up the walls in today’s homes, sconces can add both beauty and functionality to every room.

Wall sconces bring both a historical element and an unexpected elegance to a wall space. These stylish sources of light can be quite subtle in their design, flanking a beautiful mirror or piece of art, or they can serve as a focal point and artistic object in and of themselves. The addition of stylistic elements that include gold leaf, Swarovski crystal, and Venetian glass has resulted in options in sconces that rival fine art in appearance.

For many homeowners, wall sconces are a bit of a mystery. We’re certainly used to light fixtures on the ceiling as well as table lamps, but the idea of a light source on the vertical surface of a wall can be initially confusing. The best way to think about incorporating sconces in home design is to look for walls that could benefit from additional indirect lighting, could use a decorative element to add interest or both.

In ancient times, sconces were required for lighting long, dark hallways. Today’s options in wall sconces venture far beyond the hallway: picture a pair of graceful sconces flanking an elegant mirror in the powder room, or perhaps you can envision the warmth and sense of welcome that sconces can bring to the dining room above a buffet or serving board. You’ll also find that sconces are perfectly suited to bedrooms; the subtle lighting that they cast is perfect for making the bedroom space feel like a peaceful retreat.

The versatile nature of wall sconces is what makes these fixtures truly shine in so many different settings and styles of decor. You’ll find sconces crafted from metal, wood, leather, ceramics, and other materials; the styles and shapes of sconces range from simple and streamlined to ornate and artistic. Many sconces feature individual shades or hurricane chimneys to surround each light, which adds a further decorative facet to these light sources. Ceramic and wood sconces can even be painted or stained to coordinate with a room’s existing color scheme. For darker areas, you’ll find plenty of options that feature mirrored or reflective surfaces to intensify the light that the sconce emits.

So don’t be shy about incorporating decorative and useful wall sconces to create a more welcoming and stylish environment within your home. You’ll be delighted at the difference that these versatile sources of light can make within your interior space.


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15"H x 15"W x 5.5"D
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