wood carving installation instructions

planning your space for wood carvings installation

No special instructions for installation of wood carvings like rosettes and decorative appliques are needed before ordering, but you may want to make a rough pattern of wood carvings size [see dimensions on individual products pages] and tape the pattern to the installation area. This will help you visually determine if the wood carvings will be in proportion to other room elements.

surface preparation for wood carvings installation

– Clean all surfaces free of dirt and loose particles with a clean cloth or sponge, make sure area is completely dry before installing

– Measure and mark the location where you want to install the wood carvings

wood carvings installation

– Apply a bead of standard construction adhesive to the back of the wood carving and secure to the mounting surface using finish nails or standard screws

– Predrill and countersink all nails/screws

– Fill any holes on the wood cravings with wood putty, and sand with a fine grit sand paper

– Some of the hardwood decorative ornaments can be mounted with the pre attached keyhole brackets

wood carvings installation

wood carvings finishing

– All our wood carvings can be stained with standard stains.
– Follow the manufacture’s instructions for top coating wood carvings.
– Wood carvings can be painted or faux finished with any quality latex or oil base products.
– If painting wood carvings, a prime coat is required

wood carving installation