Luxury Decorative Hardware

Collection of knobs made of pewter or bronze with semi-precious stone inserts. All stone knobs are jeweled in USA. Knobs available with tiger eye semiprecious stone, onyx semi precious stone and many other stones

Think of jewelry – luscious diamonds, pearls, rubies, very fashionable. Jewelry never makes the overall look for the night, but it shapes the look in a way that would not be the same if you would not be wearing it. Jewelry adds a bit of glamour and a bit of a mystery – it has effects on your overall presentation that you would never think that jewelry could have. Now you cannot possibly think that your house does not long for the same luxurious feel and look of jewelry. With a new line of luxury decorative hardware from, you can now add the glamour and elegance to your cabinets and any furniture pieces.

While being the last thing thought about – and sometimes not thought about at all – decorative hardware has the potential to truly make the whole room come together and take the design to a whole new level. With the variety that is offered in the collections of pulls and knobs, you will not have any trouble picking out the decorative hardware that will suit your cabinets or furniture just right. You will have absolutely no trouble dress up the furniture anywhere from modern to Victorian. The abundant choices of luxury decorative hardware with classical designs, as well as modern designs, are now at your fingertips.

This decorative hardware collection is unlike anything that you have ever seen before – genuinely breathtaking and instead of taking away from the beauty of your cabinets, will actually enhance them and change the overall feeling and, thereby changing the effects that the cabinets and drawers have on the room. You will be able to spin your designs into any direction just by picking the hardware for your cabinets.

The more astonishing and unique knobs in the collection are the knobs with semi-precious stones. They come with five different stone types: Black Onyx, Tiger Eye, Blue Sodalite, Red Carnelian, and the Green Aventurine. These decorative knobs and pulls with gemstones are truly a rare find which will add a touch of luxury to your cabinets.


You will have fun picking out decorative hardware from these collections – you will find anything from flowers to plain to animal knobs. Many of the designs are classical ideas with a new twist to them, making them truly timeless. In addition to the abundance of designs, each knob and pull comes in a wide variety of finishes and colors – you will find anything from 24k Gold to Satin Nickel.

As being true with jewelry, the same philosophy should be applied to decorative hardware – the right decorative hardware will make your cabinets look beautiful, but the wrong hardware could easily make your cabinets look cheap. While many think that all decorative hardware is the same-they are wrong. It is a great idea to invest in quality decorative hardware that will not only look amazing but will last for decades to come.

Whether you are redoing a room, refinishing cabinets, buying new ones, or even if you do not think that you need any hardware at all – look at the latest collection of decorative hardware, it is inevitable that you will find something you need or something you didn’t even know that you needed because all cabinets need a touch of luxury..

pulls with gemstones

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