Making Dramatic Impact with Interior Lanterns

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It’s all too easy to overlook your home’s entryways when it comes to decorating and selecting accessories. After all, you spend so little time in these areas. Many homeowners even make the mistake of focusing all of their attention on their home’s interior spaces. But have you ever considered that visitors to your home from their first impression at the entrance?

New contemporary classic, this handsome lantern will add a touch of timeless design to any space. Open work design with Greek key motif featured on wrought iron frame in antique brass finish.? The lanterns panels are made from all natural white alabaster

Sprucing up your home’s entryway can take much less effort than you think; it will, when you concentrate on the details that will provide the biggest bang for your buck. Take lighting, for example. It’s hard to imagine how any home entrance can appear warm and inviting without the welcome glow of light that serves as both a beacon and an invitation to come inside. Your choice of entryway lighting can offer double the impact if you choose wisely and go for something that adds drama and style in addition to shedding adequate light.

This is where finely-crafted electrified lanterns genuinely shine. Not only will you and your guests enjoy the warmth and safety of excellent light at your home’s entrance, but the lanterns in themselves make a statement about your sense of style and decor. With electrified candles with candelabra bulbs inside the lanterns, not only are shadows and dark spaces banished, but the candles instill a feeling of tradition and comfort that makes your entryway welcoming and warm.

Whether your style runs to traditional, period, or contemporary, lanterns can be the ideal choice for enhancing a space with just the right blend of light and dramatic impact. You can choose finishes of brass, antiqued bronze, or nickel depending on the other metal trim in the entryway or wherever you decide to place your lanterns. The other great feature of interior lanterns is that you can select the number of lights inside them to suit the space in which you are using them. For a smaller entryway, a lantern with a few candles should suffice, but if you are trying to light up an ample space, it’s a good idea to go with a lantern that includes more lights.

You can also increase the impact that lanterns have by using them in multiples. Placing two or three of these striking light fixtures in the same area can help to instill a sense of balance and repetition, and of course, the extra light adds a warm and welcoming touch.


list price:$2,975.63
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16.25"H x 12.25"W
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31"H x 17"W x 17"D
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24"H x 16"W x 16"D
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20"H x 11"W x 7"D

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