Mirrored Furniture Garners Attention In A Wonderful Way

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Whenever someone walks into a home that has mirrored furniture prominently displayed, it often makes heads turn in wonder and admiration. It is usually the most beautiful furniture in the home and always gets attention whether mirrored tables are featured, a mirrored chest or other beautiful mirrored pieces like mirrored credenzas and buffets. Mirrored furniture is one of the newest and most often admired design trends in furniture today.

contemporary bedroom decor with white mirrored cabinet and crystal lamp

Giving a home a glamorous and Hollywood style feel comes naturally when beautifully mirrored pieces are displayed. Light and color bounce off mirrors, creating an aura of exceptional spaciousness along with a lighter and brighter ambiance. Touches like antiqued silver leaf finishes and glossy lacquered finished wood accents bring the total mirrored look to vibrant, glowing life. Accentuating beautiful decorative pieces like framed photographs, curios and lamps cannot help but be accomplished when they are proudly displayed on mirrored tables.

Mirrored chests provide wonderful storage opportunities along with the stunning look they give to any room. Whether pieces are entirely mirrored or are encased in pretty pine, walnut, oak or cherry wood, they always draw attention due to the reflective and light-enhancing qualities inherent in well-placed mirrors.

Mirrored furniture is crafted exceptionally well and is a stylish way to add highlights to any room. It can also become a focal point of any fashionable redecorating project. Although the use of mirrored furnishings is somewhat of a recent trend, some pieces have been around for many years, as one finds out simply by perusing the selection found in any high-quality antique shop. In fact, the use of mirrors in furnishings goes back in history to the European Middle Ages and to the time of Greco-Roman Antiquity.

The glamorous look and the attention-getting quality of mirrors give them some special properties. For example, putting a mirrored chest or mirrored tables up against a wall creates the illusion that the floor space extends beyond a wall when it’s done in a small room. This has the effect of making the room look larger than it is. The light-reflecting qualities of mirrors can make a room look brighter and more cheerful.

Everyone loves to have a light and bright space to relax in and to make them feel beautiful. Light has a special effect on the soul and creates a happy feeling. Artfully used furnishings that feature mirrors excellently create this atmosphere. Mirrors can even trick a person’s eyes into believing the mirror is not there. Who knew that decorating with mirrors could, in effect, turn a person into a magician? Have some fun decorating with shimmering mirrored pieces and watch your space come to delightful, light-filled life!

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