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14.125"H x 11.75"W x 5.875"D
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12"H x 8.875"W x 12"D
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41.25"H x 7.875"W x 7"D
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41.75"H x 9.25"W x 8.25"D
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34.625"H x 9.875"W x 11.125"D
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34"H x 7.875"W x 7.875"D
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40.5"H x 11.25"W x 5.625"D
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29.5"H x 9.875"W x 6.75"D
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34.125"H x 6.375"W x 12"D
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41.75"H x 11.875"W x 12.75"D
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20.125"H x 8.625"W x 5.375"D
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39.25"H x 8.625"W x 9.5"D

architectural accents - helpful info

Using Architectural Embellishments to Add Character and Style

Interesting architectural embellishments such as corbels and brackets, pilasters, and molding trim add character and pizzazz to your home. After all, shouldn’t your home offer an inviting and stylish respite from the outside world and, in addition, be a reflection of who you are? Your house should provide more than [...]

Architectural Details: The Small Touches that Make All the Difference

To complete the decor of a room, don’t neglect the finishing architectural details like moldings, ceiling medallions, and ceiling domes. While a small part of the decorating budget, these architectural embellishments can offer the biggest visual impact and unify the room’s overall design. When imagining a home, some people think [...]

Naked Interior Syndrome and Architectural Details

MANY HOMEOWNERS PLAGUED BY “NAKED INTERIOR SYNDROME” offers an antidote: dress up your home with architectural details The design professionals at have a suggestion for today’s homeowner: “Close your eyes and visualize the interior of your home in its present state. Now, imagine your home stripped of your [...]

Enliven Your Home With Architectural Details

Any room can go from just another room to a stunningly beautiful showplace room just by the smart and creative use of interesting architectural details. Special additions like crown molding, wood onlays, wood carvings and wood columns placed so they create a unique custom built-in cabinet look or a fireplace [...]

Adding Unexpected Elegance to Walls with Ceiling Medallions

If you’re considering a change in the look of the walls in a room, you may think about the more common or traditional elements of design. Wall decorations, including pictures, decorative shelving, and other elements, are excellent additions to your decor. On the other hand, the implementation of entirely unexpected [...]

Incorporating Ceiling Medallions into Your Ceiling Decor

Once you discover what a difference that architectural embellishments like ceiling medallions can make, your ceilings will never be bare and boring again. Seasoned interior designers advise us that a sophisticated and detailed room design incorporates layers of design. The ceiling is the area of most rooms that lacks these [...]

Architectural Ornament – The Spiral Scroll

One of the most naturally interesting and dynamic shapes is the spiral. It has been studied in many ways for a long time. It is more than just a quintessential design form and an important symbol, it is also a keystone shape in the sciences and the world of mathematics. [...]

Deepening Your Decor with Decorative Wall Niches

Decorative wall niches had been a popular architectural interior ornament since ancient times. Gothic architecture favored the eclectic use of wall niches, while classical interiors employed wall niche more as striking displays for busts, urns or vases. The wall niches were also a common element in the stucco- and adobe-walled [...]

Wall Niches – Where do I begin?: So many wall niches, so many ideas…

Why would I get a wall niche? Wall niche is a great way to add beauty to almost any place in your home. It is a fantastic way to add depth and interest to any wall. A wall niche adds a bit of a classic touch to the overall appearance [...]

Lucia Decorative Bracket

decorative corbels for interior and exterior

Decorative corbels displayed on this page are great for interior and exterior use. What makes our corbels so great? It is all about the material our decorative corbels are made of. All of our decorative corbels are made from high-density furniture grade polyurethane using hand-cast molds. High-density polyurethane is a very durable material and is tolerant of temperature changes. This makes polyurethane material perfect for exterior architectural products such as decorative corbels.

Polyurethane material also allows for some flexibility (not like wood, plaster, or gypsum). This quality becomes very handy when you you're installing corbels onto a surface that is not perfectly straight. If you put a little pressure on gypsum or plaster corbels, they would chip, polyurethane corbels will take a little bend and will be installed perfectly.

Polyurethane corbels also are impervious to moisture. That means that the corbels will not change shape depending on the moister condition (like wooden corbels do). Polyurethane corbels will not warp, shrink or swell in any situation or weather condition. That why these corbels are so perfect for installation outdoor and in other places where temperature and moister level is not consistent. Designs of our decorative corbels are inspired by classical designs you would find in historical architecture. Using our decorative corbels and your creativity, you can create inspirational designs in your home. So if you are working on enhancing the exterior of your home or if it is an interior decorating project - decorative polyurethane corbels are a great choice.

The polyurethane corbels introduced on this page are very decorative. Some of the decorative corbels are traditional in style, some of the corbels are more suited for contemporary or modern interiors. Corbels can very easily dress up any room. You can use these corbels for displaying small decorative objects. If placed on a top of the corbels, small objects will be obtaining a more important, valuable look. Decorative corbels with good depth will add extra support and dress up any shelf or ledge. Polyurethane corbels like the Pierre corbel or Essex corbel are perfect for this role. You can create a stylish, clean looking contemporary shelf by placing a piece of glass on the top of a couple corbels. Some of our decorative corbels have very elaborate designs. Some of our traditionally designed corbels have beautiful acanthus leaf motifs

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