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Lexington Wood Corbel

4.75 to 7.4″ wide
3 to 4.6″ deep
9 to 14″ height

your price: $162.16$302.70 CB20BP
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, medium

Lombard Basket Weave Corbel

5.6 to 11.75″ wide
3.75 to 8.5″ deep
6.1 to 14″ height

your price: $107.65$586.49 W71P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, xlarge, medium

Madera Wood Corbel

3.9 to 6.6″ wide
2.75 to 4.5″ deep
8 to 12.6″ height

$98.37$212.04 R07P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, medium

Sonoma Wood Corbel

3.1 to 5.1″ wide
3.5 to 5.5″ deep
6.9 to 14.25″ height

$79.79$294.01 R40P
multiple sizes availablexsmall, small, large, medium

Michigan Wood Corbel

3.5 to 5.5″ wide
1.75 to 2.9″ deep
5 to 7.75″ height

your price: $47.00$112.58 R46P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, medium

Dixon Corner Bracket

5.5 to 10.5″ wide
5.25 to 7.5″ deep
8.25 to 11.75″ height

your price: $173.78$292.92 R36P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large
your price: $354.02$445.50 AZ22XLP
22"H x 6.75"W x 7.75"D

Atlanta Wood Corbel (Extra Large)

7.4 to 10″ wide
8.5 to 11.25″ deep
26.5 to 36″ height

your price: $596.95$1,365.11 R41XLP
multiple sizes availablexlarge, xxlarge

Atlanta Kitchen Island Leg Corbel

7 to 7.5″ wide
7.5 to 8″ deep
36 to 42″ height

your price: $990.09$1,254.54 R4136P
multiple sizes availableregular, long

Lion Head Island Leg Corbel

10″W × 7″D x 36″H

your price: $1,506.05$2,693.25 BPM1431P
36"H x 10"W x 7"D

Mission Corbel

5 to 7.5″ wide
5 to 7.5″ deep
9 to 14″ height

your price: $100.07$261.00 CB3P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large

Modesto Wood Corbel

3.25 to 3.75″ wide
6.75 to 8.4″ deep
10.5 to 13.25″ height

your price: $146.46$209.84 R56P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, medium
your price: $76.35
list price:$95.43
you save (19.99%)
13"H x 3.5"W x 8"D

Monroe Wood Corbel

1.9 to 6.5″ wide
1.9 to 6.4″ deep
3.5 to 10.9″ height

your price: $64.49$217.50 R51P
multiple sizes availablexsmall, small, large, xlarge, medium
your price: $407.72$529.73 C724P
12"H x 5"W x 12"D

Sanford Wood Bracket

2 to 5.4″ wide
3.5 to 9″ deep
5 to 14″ height

your price: $71.04$298.07 B19P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, xlarge, medium

Tucson Wood Bracket

1.75 to 2.5″ wide
4.5 to 7.6″ deep
7.5 to 12.6″ height

$48.98$116.94 R55P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, medium
your price: $69.40$142.12 W81P
6.4"H x 3.75"W x 6.5"D

New York Wood Corbel

6″ wide
4 to 4.75″ deep
9 to 12″ height

your price: $89.10$159.19 NY4P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, extra large

Philadelphia Island Leg Corbel

6 to 7.25″ wide
6.5 to 7.5″ deep
30.5 to 34.6″ height

your price: $793.00$1,291.31 LC04P
multiple sizes availablelarge, regular
your price: $610.97$727.09 R47XLP
26.5"H x 7.4"W x 8.4"D

Portland Wood Corbel (Large)

6.9 to 8.5″ wide
3.5 to 4.5″ deep
24 to 36″ height

your price: $256.85$545.39 R48LP
multiple sizes availablelarge, xlarge
your price: $332.05$430.89 C21P
22"H x 7"W x 3.25"D

Raleigh Craftsman Corbel

3.25 to 6.5″ wide
5 to 10″ deep
9 to 22″ height

your price: $59.16$504.90 NC22P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, xlarge, medium
your price: $120.46$152.90 C33P
your price: $154.11$230.61 W78P
10.25"H x 5"W x 5.25"D

Santa Monica Wood Corbel

5 to 5.5″ wide
5.25 to 5.75″ deep
12 to 14″ height

your price: $203.86$311.97 C15P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large

Santa-Monica Wood Bracket

2 to 5.4″ wide
3.5 to 9″ deep
5 to 14″ height

your price: $71.04$298.07 B15P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, xlarge, medium
your price: $134.36$174.52 CB1P
14"H x 4"W x 4"D
your price: $339.77$441.70 CB5P
22"H x 6.5"W x 9"D
your price: $102.64$167.51 FL14P
14"H x 3.9"W x 4.5"D
your price: $610.97$748.68 R40XLP
26.5"H x 8.5"W x 7.4"D

St. Louis Kitchen Island Leg Corbel

7 to 7.5″ wide
7.5 to 8″ deep
36 to 42″ height

your price: $848.32$1,225.83 R3736-R3742
multiple sizes availablelarge, tall

Mission Island Leg Corbel

8″ Wide x 8″ deep x 36″ High

your price: $650.01$1,800.61 T4MNILC-P
36"H x 8"W x 8"D

Mission Hood and Kitchen Island Corbels (Trim to Height)

11″ or 16″ Deep
4-3/4″ Wide x 36″ High

your price: $676.87$1,865.64 T4MNTH-P
multiple sizes availabledeep, regular
your price: $868.10$1,832.66 T4CLAILC-P

Napa Corbel For Kitchen Island

6 to 7.25″ wide
6.5 to 7.5″ deep
30.5 to 34.6″ height

your price: $796.26$1,291.31 LC06P
multiple sizes availablelarge, regular

Vermont Island Leg Corbel

6 to 7.25″ wide
6.5 to 7.5″ deep
30.5 to 34.6″ height

your price: $796.26$1,291.31 LC1P
multiple sizes availablelarge, regular

Royal Crown Corbel

8 to 14.1″ wide
6 to 7.1″ deep
10.9 to 16.1″ height

your price: $210.95$479.81 R38P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large

corbels and Brackets - HELPFUL INFO

Finding the Right Corbels

Most of the corbels come in several sizes and a variety of different woods which makes it easy to fit a wide range of design needs and easy to fit a type of application desired. You can even choose the same design of corbel to carry a theme in a [...]

Create a Custom Kitchen With Wood Corbels

Corbels are the easiest way to turn an ordinary home into a valuable estate. Many people dream of living in a custom-built home with all the details and charms that go with it. Many people pay thousands of dollars to have their kitchens fitted with hand-crafted accents. However, the reality [...]

How to turn your Kitchen into a Masterpiece with Corbels

Corbels find themselves right at home in the kitchen. In fact, since the actual use of a corbel is to support weight, just think of all of the heavy pieces that are in your kitchen: cabinets, countertops, the range hood, possibly open shelving, and more. Everywhere that support is needed [...]

The Artful Use of Corbels in Your Home

Beautiful corbels are vastly under-utilized architectural elements these days. If one needs to display or support a heavy item, such as a sculpture, stylish support from wood corbels or wood brackets is a necessity. Although less obvious today, the beauty and sophistication that these supportive structures add cannot be overlooked. [...]

Craftsman and Mission Corbels Launches Traditional American Home Decor Collection Subtle and stylish home decor elements such as corbels, wood brackets, carved onlays, and molding can add a new level of class to absolutely any room. Architectural element supplier has just launched a new line of their gorgeous “Craftsman” and “Mission” model [...]

Corbels Shopping

INVITINGHOME.COM TAKES MYSTERY OUT OF SHOPPING FOR CORBELS Interior Designers Unveil Essential Tips to Consumers Design professionals have taken all the guesswork out of the shopping experience for homeowners, who have long been frustrated by confusing home-improvement advice and misleading information from less reputable sources. By providing sound advice and [...]

Corbels for Kitchen Cabinets

Traditionally, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where people congregate, and in many cases, it is connected to the dining room, the breakfast nook, the garage and/or the living room. The kitchen should reflect the wants and the needs of the owners. When the layout perfectly [...]

Expanding Wood Corbels Collection

INVITINGHOME.COM CORBEL COLLECTION CONTINUES TO EXPAND clients eagerly anticipate the arrival of the newest additions The design professionals at have always known that today’s homeowners seek to express themselves through what is perhaps the most significant investment of their lives: their homes. And due to the upsurge of popularity [...]

History Behind Floral and Grape Corbels and Carvings

Grape motifs carved on corbels have been around since the Roman and Greek times. Grapes themselves have great powers such as unclogging arteries. The “French Paradox” shows that even though the French food is so high in fat, the wine that is consumed along the side of the meal, neutralizing [...]

Corbels with Acanthus Leaf Design

The elegant corbels come in many beautiful historical designs. The great variety makes it easy to match the corbels to any kitchen style. The Acanthus leaf corbel’s design derives from a Greek and Roman architectural ornamentation. The Acanthus trees are found in the Greek Isles. Acanthus leaf is used in [...]

Wood Selection for Corbels and Carvings

The Wood Selection Guide The United States is home to over 1,000 species of trees. Of these, only a select few are used in crafting wood corbels and other carved wood products. At, our corbels are all made from select hardwoods, which are durable but also pliable enough [...]

Six Things to Know Before You Buy Corbels

A Corbels Shopping Checklist: 1. Corbels: Choosing a style What do you like? What is your style preference? Corbels come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Incorporating corbels into your decor may seem like a formidable task, considering the endless possibilities we make available to you. The most straightforward [...]

Corbels and Brackets for Kitchen Counters

Looking for an attractive way to provide support for your kitchen counters? Your solution probably lies among the many models of corbels and brackets available for this very purpose. Corbels and wood brackets are architectural elements that can serve a functional role while also adding beauty to your kitchen. If [...]

Corbels – Style and Function

Corbels and brackets serve both a functional and an artistic purpose. These design features are specifically crafted to support heavy weights, and as such, corbels are often used in place of simple shelf brackets when the load that they will bear is great. In addition, corbels add architectural interest to [...]

Adding Panache to Your Kitchen Remodel with Wooden Brackets

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you’re probably thinking of the kind of cabinets you would like, the style of pulls or knobs should be used or what kind of countertops and in what colors would work best for your kitchen revamp. But while you’re considering these options for your kitchen [...]

Picking Out Kitchen Countertops

Materials for Kitchen Countertop Picking out countertop material used to be a lot easier when there were significantly fewer choices. Now there are not only more materials available, but also new patterns, and new types of countertops application. The latest trend is to mix and match two different kinds of [...]

Updates for Kitchen Counters

The countertop is no less important than the cabinetry in your kitchen. It can also tell the prospective buyer about the age of your kitchen. You have to make sure that it is in tip-top shape as to not distract the buyer from the rest of the kitchen and to [...]

Kitchen Textures

Textures in the Kitchen There are a lot of surfaces in the kitchen – most are hard with angled edges which don’t exactly spell out a warm and comforting environment. You can balance out the inevitable uninviting surface with soft textures and patterns, as well as warm and homey colors. [...]

Wood brackets size and quantity determination

Most often wood brackets used to support shelves or for additional support of the kitchen counter. To use wood brackets as shelf support, you have to select the right size wood bracket. To do so, you have to make sure that the depth of the wood bracket covers about 70% [...]

Wood Brackets for Countertops

What is a Wood Bracket? A wood bracket is a structural element which supports furniture and architectural decor elements such as shelves, bookcases, plant hangers, mantles and more. Wood brackets are essential for the support of kitchen countertops, especially if it is a granite counter. Brackets are very similar to [...]

Adding Support and Style with Countertop Brackets

Countertop brackets do a great job of living up to their name by providing the support that is necessary for countertops in kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms where countertops live. But they also have essential uses elsewhere in the world of home decor. With today’s trend toward granite and other [...]

Wood Brackets Do the Heavy Lifting in Style

Supports for shelves, counters, fireplace mantles, and other structures are a necessity – especially if the items are heavy or have a significant overhang. If you have granite countertops with a lot of overhang or shelves for heavy objects, strong brackets are the no-brainer solution. But not just any brackets [...]

Adding Personality to Your Kitchen

Giving your kitchen its own personality requires careful consideration focused on decorating, and adding the right finishes and details. The kitchen has to have as much thought and effort put into it like any other room in your home. Many don’t think about this, but most families spend a lot [...]

Traditional Kitchen Embellishments

Embellishments for Traditional Kitchen Kitchen cabinet details like fluted pilasters, wood trim created with decorative panel molding, corner blocks with hand-carved wood rosettes, and embellished wood crown molding distinguish traditional kitchen design. For the cabinet’s door style, a raised panels with a slightly arched top is the most popular. Complying [...]

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Corbels for Additional Support

Corbels will dress up and add extra support to bookshelves, fireplace mantel shelves, bars, kitchen countertops or any ledges. There are a lot of corbels specifically designed for this purpose. Supportive corbels and wood brackets (for additional countertop support) are usually much deeper than wood corbels intended for decoration only. Boston corbels and Los-Angeles counter corbels are great examples of clean line corbels that are perfect for additional support for kitchen counter or a bar shelf. Traditional corbel's design makes it easy to incorporate them into any decorative scheme. If you want corbels that will serve double duty - be decorative and provide extra support - we have selected just for you. The simple and graceful lines of corbels are very appealing. Open-side design gives corbels a light and airy appearance, delightful carving on the front of the corbels is not overpowering - just enough to add some decorative details and express your personality. Corbels for counter and kitchen island support have an ergonomic design, they curve-in allowing knee room for comfortable setting - counter brackets.
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