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Luxury Decorative Hardware

Think of jewelry – luscious diamonds, pearls, rubies, very fashionable. Jewelry never makes the overall look for the night, but it shapes the look in a way that would not be the same if you would not be wearing it. Jewelry adds a bit of glamour and [...]

Decorative Hardware Solutions

A great solution that is provided through changing your decorative hardware is to spice up old cabinets. You do not have to give special treatment to new cabinets only, changing the hardware on your old cabinets will make them look like new or will suggest a change [...]

Adding Personality to Your Kitchen

Giving your kitchen its own personality requires careful consideration focused on decorating, and adding the right finishes and details. The kitchen has to have as much thought and effort put into it like any other room in your home. Many don’t think about this, but most families [...]

Updating Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets are the biggest tellers of your kitchen’s age. It is, no doubt, that the cabinets are the most overwhelming feature of the whole kitchen. Upon walking into the kitchen, people tend to look at the cabinets in regards to how well they are made [...]

Kitchen Cabinets

Starting your Kitchen Cabinets Search When you start looking for kitchen cabinets, think about what aspects of your kitchen style and materials you would like to introduce to your kitchen. Think about if you prefer to have solid cabinet doors, glass doors, or even no cabinet doors [...]

Leafy Twig Pull
Oak Leaf Bin Pull
Oak Leaf Knobs
Squirrel Knobs
Ducks Knob
Cones And Boughs Knob
Rainbow Trout Pull
Bucks On The Run Knob
Maple Leaf Knobs

Animal Life Inspired Cabinet Knobs

The Nature Collection of Decorative Hardware includes knobs and pulls with designs inspired by animals and nature. Knobs with animal-inspired designs bring a small part of the outdoors in. It will be that fresh breath of air, reminding you every day of the world's beauty.
The Animal life inspired collection of decorative hardware includes many interesting and lively decorative knobs and pulls. The Leaping Trout knobs, Rainbow Trout knobs, and Catch of the Day wood knobs would quickly become the fishers' favorite. The Leaping Trout wood knobs have a great composition which makes it visually appealing. The colors are serene while still making a strong appearance. It is a great way to add a bit of personality and style to your cabinets without it being domineering. It would look great in a den, a fishing room, or a room that is greatly inspired by the outdoors.
The decorative knobs and decorative pulls have the great emotional quality to them. Whether it is a calm elephant, a proud eagle, or a leaping trout, you will be able to find the right decorative knob for your room. It is easy to mix-and-match them; for example, you could combine a Goliath Bin Pull or Elephant knob with the Jungle Patrol wood knob. The combination would get across a more complex story than the Goliath bin pulls or knobs would on their own. The Goliath knob and bin pull have a very regal presence to them.
The Leap Frog knobs have exquisite detail and color. These knobs will add a touch of fun to your cabinets or drawers. It complements many different styles as well as many various color schemes. It can be used in any space from the kitchen to kids' rooms. The Leap Frog knobs have a great vibrant color that will punch up any room. These knobs will look lovely on Cottage style furniture or kitchen cabinets.
Rainbow Trout Pull
Rainbow Trout Knobs
Goliath Elephant Knobs
Goliath Elephant Bin Pull
The Jungle Patrol knobs and Goliath Elephant knobs will add a global vibe to whichever room you would put it in. Decorative hardware from this collection great for a log cabin-inspired room or a kids room, or anything in between. The Rabbits knobs are a touching decorative knob due to the design's quality - it pictures a rabbit and its mother cozying up together. Such detail will brighten up any place without a doubt. The Rooster knobs add a more classic natural detail. The decorative knob will bring a proud feel into whichever room it will become a part of. For the Greeks, the rooster's crowing upon the sun's rising was due to the sun's victory overnight. The Greeks, as well as many other cultures, then adopted the rooster as the solar symbol. In Chinese culture, the rooster is thought of as a symbol of mental and physical fortitude.
The Bucks on the Run knob adds a bit of action to your cabinets due to the illusion of movement because of the moving animals being the center of the action. Bucks are beautiful and majestic animals which will add beauty and strength to any cabinet that you would put them. It is a timeless piece which many will fall in love with.
If you are an outdoorsy type of person or would like to add an interesting and unexpected element to the design - you could mix in a few of the Bear knobs. If you would like to have a nature theme for your hardware then perhaps you could use a pair of the Bear knobs to add a little punch to a space. It could also look great in a den.
You will be able to enjoy the gorgeous Animal life inspired knobs for years to come due to their timeless qualities.
Rooster Knobs
Rabbits Knobs
Bucks On The Run Knob
Rabbits Knobs
Squirrel Knobs
Dragonfly Pull
Dragonfly Knob
Dragonfly Knob
Cockatoo Knob
Horizontal Cockatoo Pull
Monarch Butterflies Knobs
Ducks Knob
Bucks On The Run Knob
Rainbow Trout Pull
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