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Luxury Decorative Hardware

Think of jewelry – luscious diamonds, pearls, rubies, very fashionable. Jewelry never makes the overall look for the night, but it shapes the look in a way that would not be the same if you would not be wearing it. Jewelry adds a bit of glamour and [...]

Decorative Hardware Solutions

A great solution that is provided through changing your decorative hardware is to spice up old cabinets. You do not have to give special treatment to new cabinets only, changing the hardware on your old cabinets will make them look like new or will suggest a change [...]

Adding Personality to Your Kitchen

Giving your kitchen its own personality requires careful consideration focused on decorating, and adding the right finishes and details. The kitchen has to have as much thought and effort put into it like any other room in your home. Many don’t think about this, but most families [...]

Updating Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets are the biggest tellers of your kitchen’s age. It is, no doubt, that the cabinets are the most overwhelming feature of the whole kitchen. Upon walking into the kitchen, people tend to look at the cabinets in regards to how well they are made [...]

Kitchen Cabinets

Starting your Kitchen Cabinets Search When you start looking for kitchen cabinets, think about what aspects of your kitchen style and materials you would like to introduce to your kitchen. Think about if you prefer to have solid cabinet doors, glass doors, or even no cabinet doors [...]

Olive Branch Knobs

Garden and Nature Inspired Knobs

The Garden and Nature Collection of Decorative Hardware includes knobs and pulls with designs inspired by garden and nature. While we are used to the comfort and luxury of having a home, we instinctively long for the pure beauty of nature. Having these beautiful decorative knobs and pulls in your room is the perfect way for the two sides to coexist. The decorative hardware captures the beauty and essence of nature in a lively and fresh way.
The decorative knobs and pulls add a unique look to the space as well as making it feel incredibly cozy and homey. There are decorative knobs with warm colors - such as the grape knobs with red color present in it; or the olive knobs with cooler colors such as the green and the black.
There is a great deal of different decorative knobs that are made specifically with the grape design in mind. There is the Tuscan Bounty knob, the Best Cellar knob, and the Grapevine knob. The Tuscan Bounty knob displays grapes with other fruits making it seem as if you are walking through the vineyards and gardens of Italy. It is colorful, and while your room might not be Italian- or fruit-inspired, it would still look absolutely beautiful.
The Best Cellar knob looks antique and gorgeous - it will give class to any cabinet, in any environment. The knob design is mostly muted earthy colors with red of the wine and the grapes punctuating it. The Grapevine knob is beautifully cast metal that is whimsical and classy. The swirls are brilliantly punctuated with fruits and leaves.

Best Cellar Pull
Best Cellar Knob

Dianthus Knob
Monarch Butterflies Knobs
Opulent Flower Knob

Decorative hardware with flowers and scrolled leaf design - gorgeous swirling flowers will surely bring a delicate feeling to space. Decorative knobs from this collection have amazing details and fabulous designs to give life to any furniture piece or cabinets.
Very detailed and beautiful knobs are the Tiger Lily knobs. It is very delicate and bears a lot of positive history. The Tiger Lily is an orange flower that is covered in spots. It has been a useful medical remedy for many centuries. Its scent is said to suppress aggressive behavior and promotes overall good feeling. The smell is said, as a superstition, to give whoever smells it freckles.
There is an interesting legend surrounding the flower as well: there was once a hermit who was traveling through the woods and stumbled upon a tiger with an arrow through his body. The hermit then took it out for him, and the tiger asked the hermit to use the powers he possessed to make their friendship last long after the tiger has passed. Upon the tiger's death, he was turned into a Tiger Lily. Following the hermit's death, the Tiger Lily spread all around the world trying to search for his friend.

The wood knobs with Hibiscus flower are very delicate and detailed as well. It has a history of being able to be used for many, very diverse things. It is used a lot of time in herbal tea making as well as paper making, and in the Caribbean, it is used for jam-making as well. It has been used in Hindu worship as an offering to Goddess Kali and Lord Ganesha. The durable fibers that are found within the flower are robust and have even been used to make clothing. Aside from having practical uses, it is also the national flower of Malaysia, South Korea, the Hawaiian state flower, and the native Australian emblem.

Another great selection of decorative hardware with exotic Ginkgo Berry design. Beautifully detailed Ginkgo Berry knobs have intricate curves and swirls. The Ginkgo Berry motif is classic. The Gingko plant itself is referred to as a "living fossil" because it does not seem to have evolved much since the Permian period, which dates back to over 270 million years. The Ginkgo extract is widely used as a source of energy.

Chrysanthemum Knob
Opulent Scroll Pull

Opulent Flower Knob

If you prefer a more pronounced floral design, you should look at decorative hardware with Chrysanthemum motif. The one flower takes up most of the space, and unlike most of the floral knobs, it does not include any other flowers, negative space, or stems. The Chrysanthemum was brought to Japan by the Buddhist monks. The Royal family fell in love with the flower that they sat upon Chrysanthemum thrones and featured the flower on the royal family crest.
Decorative hardware with Opulent Flower design has a bold effect, just as the Chrysanthemum knobs do, but the Opulent Flower wood knobs look a bit simpler. They have radial lines that are straight as opposed to curved and swirling. A more consecutive pattern adds a courageous aspect because of how honest the design is. The word opulent, itself means ostentatious, which is being fond of one's boldness.
The Ivy with Berries knobs are dainty and classy. They are very versatile and work in whichever environment you would choose to put them in. The plant is symbolic for friendship and marital fidelity. It is also considered to be the symbol of a woman, and if one pairs it with Holly (man's symbol), then it brings peace between the wife and the husband for a year. It was also said to be a sacred plant of the Greek god of wine - Dionysus.
The River Iris knobs and pulls have a composition that adds quite a bit of depth. It is composed of a large Iris in the foreground and two smaller ones in the background. It is a very dramatic addition to the space that would really pop even though it is small. The flower got its name from a goddess of the rainbow because of the many colors of the rainbow, and the many colors of Irises that there are. It is also considered as being the flower of the Sphinx

Ivy With Berries Knob
Ivy With Berries Pull

Saratoga-Rose Pull
Saratoga Rose Knob

The Saratoga Rose knob has a very interesting pattern to it. It is very detailed with an unexpected design.

According to the Greeks, the rose came about as the result of Aphrodite crying over the death of her lover. The Romans' goddess, Venus, is very similar to the Greek's Aphrodite. Cupid tried to give a rose to the Harpocrates, the God of Silence, as a bribe to keep Venus quiet about her escapades. Thus, the rose became the symbol of secrecy. In the Roman dining rooms, the ceilings were decorated with frescos and sculptures of roses to remind the guests to be polite in not letting what was said during dinner, leave the table.

There are a lot of decorative knobs and pulls with leaf design in the Nature collection of decorative hardware. There are the Leafy Twig knobs and  pulls which are available in the right and the left side. They are very tastefully done and is available in many finishes. You will also have no trouble finding a knob to go along with the pull.

The Leafy Branch pulls, and the Leafy Twig knob adds a delicate feeling with the leaves crawling up the branch and the structure with the Branch itself. It is available in many different tints, including the "hand-tinted" option in which the leaves are a beautiful popping green color.

While these knobs and pulls can look whimsical, they are incredibly sophisticated. It is a great way to add an upscale lodge touch while keeping the look delicate and slender.

There is a collection of decorative hardware with oak leaf design. Oak Leaf knobs and pulls are very attractive due to how their natural texture is shown.

The Oak Leaf knobs are beautifully simple - they have well-defined and definite lines. The Oak Leaf, itself, bears quite a bit of meaning. It was a celebrated tree in many cultures - from Greeks to Romans, to the Celts and the Slavs. In those cultures, the Oak was always said to have been the sacred tree of the highest god, as well as being a symbol for rain, lightning, and thunder. The oak tree also seems to be the tree that is the most prone to being struck by lightning: it could possibly be because many times they are the tallest and largest thing is the area, or because their bark is thought to have less electrical resistance.

Leafy Twig Knobs
Leafy Twig Pull
Oak Leaf Bin Pull

Oak Leaf Pull
Oak Leaf Knobs

One of the most delicate pieces in the whole Nature collection are the Oak Leaf Bin Pull, an Oak Leaf Pull, and an Oak Leaf Knob. The Oak Leaf hardware pieces will bring you back to fall - when the air is crisp, and everything is turning a beautiful warm color.

The knobs and bin pulls have a gorgeous texture of a crinkled fallen leaf making it look so realistic that it may crumble upon touching it. It will add fragility to any cabinet that it is adorning. The collection may also be mixed and matched with the different pulls and knobs, as well as various kinds of metals.

The decorative hardware Nature collection is a great way to bring a breath of fresh air into any space in your home.

Ginkgo Knobs

Peapod Knobs
Autumn Squash Knob
Leafy Carrot Knobs

Peach Knobs

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Delaney's Rose Knob

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Delaney's Rose Pull
Delaney's Rose Knob

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