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Adding Instant Glamour with Crystal Table Lamps

crystal table lamps

The options you have in designing a stylish room are considerable, but in terms of maximum results for your time and effort, it’s truly hard to beat the impact that a couple of crystal table lamps can provide. When it comes to fashioning your home’s interior, you might be surprised at how the addition of […]

Bringing Extra Flair To A Room – Lamps With Black Shades

lamps with black shades

When one thinks of using lamps with black shades in room decorating, a modern, sleek, and updated look instantly comes to mind as a natural part of the room decor. Black accents work extraordinarily well in any room where most of the other accents feature white, light-colored or neutral color schemes. Table lamps add an […]

Desk Lamps – Illuminating History

desk lamps

Good ideas don’t happen in the dark. They are conceived, crafted, and penned by the glowing shadow of a trusted light. This has been the story throughout history, as some of the brightest ideas and creative tales have been contrived by lamplight. A beautiful lamp is a star that never burns out, and the memories […]

Adding Beauty and Function With Crystal Lamps

crystal lamps; solid crystal table lamps

how crystal lamps add beauty and function When it comes to smaller home accessories and lighting that pack a large decorative punch, crystal table lamps are difficult to beat. Their sparkly elegance brings style and grace to a room while providing ample lighting for many tasks. It’s fascinating how little things can make such a […]

How to Incorporate Table Lamps in Your Decor

table lamps; Collection of elegant hand-crafted brass, wrought iron and ceramic lamps available at InvitingHome.com

It is a known fact that quality lamps will enhance the character of your home and add undeniable beauty. Floor and table lamps are attractive accessories that also serve the purpose of providing light. Soft and comforting lighting giving to as by stylish lamps always translates into an exquisitely elegant and sophisticated interior. We all […]

Crystal Table Lamps and Interior Spaces

crystal table lamps

The crystal itself, various crystal products and crystal lighting fixtures (like crystal table lamps), carrying an inner power of eternal transformation and have an incredible impact on our homes’ interiors. When looking at the high-quality crystal, you will see a rainbow of colors exuding from the crystal, this delights the eyes and inspires the mind. […]

Built-in Lighting

built-in lighting; Interior with Berkeley L-molding; Molding for indirect lighting ideas; Molding and decor inspiration

The atmosphere of the room can be well defined by the built-in lighting and can be adjusted according to your mood by razing or lowering light levels. Not only does the lighting highlights architectural features, but it also defines and separates specific areas of the room. Indirect up-light inside a tray ceiling pull the eye […]

Decorating with Colored Lighting

colored lighting; house with colored lighting; lighting design ideas

Colored Lighting Decorating with colored lighting is an underestimated effect, yet the powerful combination of lighting and color is a way of producing stunning effects by simple means. Awash of colored light on the blank canvas of the white wall, painting, or mural can create a totally different mood – without having to redecorate. We […]

Selecting and Positioning Lighting Fixtures

home lighting; selecting lighting fixtures

Selecting Lighting Fixtures Skillful application of lighting and selection of lighting fixtures can, more than any other element in the architectural environment, affect the experience of the viewer. Lighting fixtures themselves can be used to dramatize elements of interior design – line, form, color, pattern, and texture. Higher levels of lighting produce cheerful effects and […]

How Lighting Affects Emotions

lighting; interior with beautiful lighting

Lighting In Our Lives Home lighting fixtures as decoration is basic and scientific. A home has fundamental lighting needs. Restaurants hire lighting experts to advise them how to enhance the atmosphere, creating indirect lighting that pinpoints objects to highlight flowers in subdue ways, so you feel they are luminescent, emulating your experience of them in […]

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