recessed wall niche installation instructions


recessed wall niche installation

Tools and materials used for recessed wall niche installation

– Sponge or clean cloth
– Caulking gun
– Brown craft paper or butcher paper
– Elastomeric adhesive caulk
– Level
– Carpenter’s saw or Circular saw
– Mineral spirits
– 2×4 lumber
– 1×2, 1×3, 1×4 lumber
– Polyurethane construction adhesive
– Bright common or bright box framing nails
– Shims

Before Recessed Wall Niche Installation

Check local building code requirements to ensure compliance. It is installers responsibility to conform to all code requirements

surface preparation for the recessed wall niche installation:

– Clean all surfaces free of dirt and loose particles with a clean cloth or sponge
– Make sure area is completely dry before installing wall niche

wall niche preparation for installation:

– DO NOT NAIL the fiberglass wall niche as nails will cause damage to the surface
– We recommend that you finish [paint or faux finish] niche before installation
– After installation touch-up any area as needed

Wall Cut-Out niche installation
Wall Preparation

– Make a paper template. Lay niche on top of the craft paper, with the niche right side up. The niche will lie on the paper like a bathtub (A). Trace around the niche that touches the paper. Measure and adjust template line to accommodate the curvature width of the niche. Cut the template out.

wall niche installation instructions

– Most niches will not fit between 16″ on center studs. When installing niche it is best to install to one existing stud if possible. Tape the template to the wall where niche is to be installed, trace template on wall and remove pattern (B). Make sure template is plumb with studs.

– Cut the opening with a drywall knife or keyhole saw and remove drywall, also remove studs if needed

wall niche installation instructions

– Using 2×4″s frame out area with top and bottom cross braces and vertical supports on both sides of the opening (C)

– Check the hole for level by placing the niche into the wall cutout. Level niche left to right and front to back. It is critical that the niche shelf is level from front to back, if it isn’t the niche will pull away from the wall. You may need to cut the bottom edge of opening to level niche and/or use shims on the backside of niche shelf. Note: back of niche will be rough and not even

wall niche installation instructions

general recessed wall niche installation

– Measure the width of the side well on back of niche. Cut 5 – 7 pieces of 1×2, 1×3, or 1×4″ lumber in 6″ lengths. With construction adhesive, adhere the lumber blocks into the niche well – spacing evenly around the niche (D). – Make sure blocks are even with the side well edge.

– Let the adhesive set completely. Most manufacturers recommend 24 hours.

– Apply a generous amount of construction adhesive to lumber blocks.

– As you place niche into wall opening, make sure niche is level again before you press firmly into place. Smooth excess construction adhesive around niche edge with your finger or putty knife, giving the niche the appearance of being part of the wall: clean excess with mineral spirits.

– Finish or touch-up niche using a high quality latex or oil-based paint.

wall niche installation instructions

wall niche installation with screws (not recommended)

– It is not recommended that niches be installed with screws; however in some applications it is necessary. Please follow General Instructions above and the following steps when installation requires screw mounting.

– Niche MUST be pre-drilled for screw installation. Failure to pre-drill will result in damage to the niche surface.

– Pre-drill holes into niche, two [2] on right and left framing edge near shelf, one [1] at the center top of the niche, and if needed drill two [2] on the right and left framing edges half way up the niche (E). Drill from front to back with fine drill bit

– Apply a 1/2″ continuous bead of construction adhesive along the back framing edge of the niche.

– Using level, make sure niche is again level before you press into place. Smooth excess construction adhesive around niche edge with your finger or putty knife and clean with mineral spirits.

– Countersink screws slightly and fill with adhesive. After adhesive dries and if needed, sand lightly and touch-up niche with paint

wall niche installation instructions


– Follow good construction practices.
– When using power tools, adhesive and finishing materials [such as paint or stain], be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions.
– Always wear safety goggles when using a power tool or hammer.
– Always use the right tool and/or equipment for the job.

General Precautions

Wall niche function as a decorative element only, and are not designed to support electrical fixtures or provide any load bearing capacity. shall not be responsible if any failure to comply with these wall niche installation instructions results in the product failing to perform the purpose intended.