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Floral Pendant Chandelier

9″ Dia x 11″H

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crystal chandeliers

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Chandeliers Placement

There are only a couple of special spots in our homes that we reserve for chandeliers. Usually, placement of chandeliers over dining tables and in the main entranceway is a given. But there are many other places were chandelier would work just fine. Chandeliers can do a great deal to [...]

Chandeliers Scale

Scale consideration when choosing chandeliers is very important on several different levels. The most important is: does the chandelier fit the scale of the room? No less important is the scale of the chandelier’s details – shades, crystals, beads, and candles. Scale consideration when choosing chandeliers Scale consideration is really [...]

Choosing Chandeliers That are Just Right

The best place to begin to decide what chandelier would work for you in a room is to narrow down the choice of chandeliers materials. Chandeliers can be made of many materials, each with a different effect in the decorative scheme. On their own, materials such as wood, brass, iron, [...]

Light Up Your Room in Elegance and Grace with Venetian Glass Chandeliers

Nothing can compare with the sparkle and grandeur of chandeliers, especially if they are authentic Venetian glass chandeliers. The exquisite craftsmanship and pure beauty of Venetian glass chandeliers provide not only light but also an artistic element of beauty. Venetian glass, which is produced exclusively using centuries-old techniques by glassmakers [...]

About Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers

Bohemian Classic Chandelier Collection. Under the name "Bohemian chandeliers," it is impossible to imagine nothing more characteristic than crystal machine-cut chandeliers. Their all-crystal appearance, with added non-glass materials, makes them ideal representatives of the traditional Bohemian classic. The crystal beauty is then enhanced by mouth-blown, cut components, or hand-cut chandelier trimmings used. It is just these elements that rank these fixtures among "jewels" illuminating luxurious interiors. Classic Bohemian crystal is known throughout the world for its quality and brilliance. Its history stretches back to the 16th century. Lavishly hand-cut, blown glass parts prevail on these fixtures. To highlight its features, the crystal is sometimes decorated with golden paint. The sumptuous and impressive appearance of crystal jewels is complemented with the trimmings of various shapes and sizes. Brilliance, purity, and perfect light diffusion together with more than 30% lead content are the outstanding properties of our Premium trimmings. Another one of many options available is trimmings of lead-free glass, so typical for traditional manufacturing in Bohemia.
The tradition of production, luxurious appearance, and classical morphology are the common denominator of all these chandeliers. To manufacture these, almost 90 percent is hand-completed: mouth-blowing, cutting, and other techniques applied when working glass and metals. Machine-cut crystal chandelier trimmings and artistically chased metal parts provide a stamp of luxury. Devotees of these lighting fixtures come mostly from the circles of the lovers of magnificent designs created in the style of the timeless classic. Some chandeliers in this collection are embellished with glass crystal bells. Bells have a rich history with all the Slavonic nations, especially in the Czech Republic. Historically in certain regions of Europe crystal bell adornments were believed to bring prosperity and fortune to the household. Crystal bells were also used for the distillation of supernatural forces and adverse events. Every component passes thorough, strict internal Quality Control processes — highest quality European production with certified standards.

Some of the sconces from this collection are available in 3 levels of quality crystal:

hand-blown glass and crystal chandeliers
Premium crystal. A sumptuous type of chandelier trimmings. The fire of the rainbow spectrum, brilliance, limpidity, glitter and perfect scattering and dispersion of light - these are their main features resulting from precise cutting using electronically controlled machines, but also from a high-quality crystal containing more than 30% of lead. Traditional mastery and the revealed mystery of the glass substance blend together with modern technologies and first-rate design in each of these unique pieces. Chandeliers dressed with these trimmings of exceptional beauty will lend an air of grandeur to the ambiance even of the most prestigious interiors.
select crystal ; hand-blown glass and crystal chandeliers
Select crystal (or standard). Hand cut or partly machine cut chandelier trimmings. Inspired by rich glass-making tradition as well as modern trends, these crystals are characterized by distinct fire, rainbow sparkle, and purity of shape. Each piece is checked for accuracy of cut, and its high quality is guaranteed. They will satisfy even the most discriminating customers. Chandelier trimmings of the Select type offer an opportunity to those searching for quality at a great value.
traditional crystal
Traditional crystal. Chandelier trimmings cut from lead-free glass are typical of the traditional production in Bohemia stretching back to the former half of the 18th century. Thanks to their look based on tradition and history, they satisfy even the most discriminating customers. Lighting fixtures dressed with these trimmings are suitable, especially for period interiors. On the other hand, they create an exciting counterpoint to austere modern interiors. These trimmings are often used in the production of replicas of historical lighting fixtures.

featured articles

Expressing Yourself with Crystal Accessories

Picking out decorations for your home is so much fun because you are genuinely able to express yourself as an individual, couple, or family. People opt for all different types of decor from truly traditional to completely modern, and you’ve likely considered a few different styles. Have you ever thought [...]

The Crystal Sun – Czech Crystal Chandeliers

Czech crystal chandeliers illuminate palaces, parliaments, governmental residences, concert halls and many sanctums around the world. Czech crystal chandeliers are often called “crystal suns,” which is a sun that never sets and will remain forever as the pride of the Czech glass craft. about Czech Crystal More than 500 years [...]

The Feng Shui of Crystal and Light

The tradition of feng shui is one of aesthetics: alignment and orientation, in addition to beauty and harmony. The term, literally translated, means “wind-water” in English. Like the flow of music, the principles of achieving balance in this way are expressed inflowing energies resonating throughout a human-made structure, such as [...]

Crystal Lamps in Feng Shui

Crystal lamps are more powerful positive energy generators than any other crystal products because they combine two types of light – light waves that come from the lighting source and refracted light that comes from the crystals. According to the practice of Feng Shui, each color of the rainbow’s spectrum [...]

Decorating with Crystal Lamps

The sparkle of crystal glittering in the light brings a sense of romance and opulence to any room. Rainbows of color splash onto surfaces when light hits lead crystal, similar to how it affects a perfectly cut diamond. Whether your tastes run from traditional to ultra-modern, quality crystal lamps will [...]

Adding Instant Glamour with Crystal Table Lamps

The options you have in designing a stylish room are considerable, but in terms of maximum results for your time and effort, it’s truly hard to beat the impact that a couple of crystal table lamps can provide. When it comes to fashioning your home’s interior, you might be surprised [...]

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