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Luxury Decorative Hardware

Think of jewelry – luscious diamonds, pearls, rubies, very fashionable. Jewelry never makes the overall look for the night, but it shapes the look in a way that would not be the same if you would not be wearing it. Jewelry adds a bit of glamour and [...]

Decorative Hardware Solutions

A great solution that is provided through changing your decorative hardware is to spice up old cabinets. You do not have to give special treatment to new cabinets only, changing the hardware on your old cabinets will make them look like new or will suggest a change [...]

Adding Personality to Your Kitchen

Giving your kitchen its own personality requires careful consideration focused on decorating, and adding the right finishes and details. The kitchen has to have as much thought and effort put into it like any other room in your home. Many don’t think about this, but most families [...]

Updating Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets are the biggest tellers of your kitchen’s age. It is, no doubt, that the cabinets are the most overwhelming feature of the whole kitchen. Upon walking into the kitchen, people tend to look at the cabinets in regards to how well they are made [...]

Kitchen Cabinets

Starting your Kitchen Cabinets Search When you start looking for kitchen cabinets, think about what aspects of your kitchen style and materials you would like to introduce to your kitchen. Think about if you prefer to have solid cabinet doors, glass doors, or even no cabinet doors [...]

Classic Weave
Fleur-De-Lis Pull
Saddleworth Pull

Pulls Style Selection

You will find amazing pulls to complement any style of your cabinets. If you do not have a set style picked out just yet, then we can help you decide - as you read these overviews, do not feel as if you have to choose just one - you may even have an eclectic enough taste to be influenced by all of them, but one should always know at least the primitive routs and beliefs of their different influences.
The Early American Style revolved around the idea of hardware harmonizing with the piece of furniture - and not the overall room or building. The main concern was that the pull would have to perform its function, and the look of it was to remain rather simple. It was taken from the English designs at the time, but the Industrial Revolution would come along and pull designs would change in a dramatic fashion.
The East lake style was more focused on elaborate designs. Some thought of this as overbearing, but it still became a very popular style in the United States, partly due to the fact that during the Industrial Revolution, mass-production became more prominent. The Eastlake style knobs are an excellent thing for simpler-styled furniture.
The Eastlake style morphed into the Victorian style - which kept with the elaborate designs of pulls and hardware while making taste an essential part of the family's social standing. The designs were whimsical, but a bit more understated than the Eastlake style pulls.
The Arts and Crafts style is usually described as shabby chic. It called for hardware that looked original and one-of-a-kind. The Arts and Crafts movement brought antiquing into style while valuing straight and clean lines.
Portobello Road Pulls
Portobello Road Knobs
Kensington Bin Pulls
Kensington Knob
Kensington Pulls
The Revival Style went back to the old world feel and concentrated mostly on the aesthetic than the function. Its primary cause was to take elements from the past and using them in contemporary environments.
Art Deco came about after the Great Depression hit because people stopped looking to the past and wanted to look more to the future. The style embraced new-aged sleek and slim designs. The Art Deco inspired the Streamline Moderne style, which began with the completion of the Bauhaus in Germany.
Do not forget that you are not chained to any design in particular - you can always mix them. Some of the best looks come from having two styles mixed that one would never think of mixing - such as Moderne and Victorian. Another great idea is having some Arts and Crafts influence in a Moderne or Art Deco environments.
After figuring out the feel that you would like to go for with style, it is time to look at the designs of the pulls. There is an amazingly wide selection for you to choose from.
Kensington Bin Pulls
Kensington Knob
Florid Leaves Bin Pull
Florid-Leaves Knob
Renaissance Pull
Prairie Tulip
Rub-A-Dub Pull
Baker Knob
Butcher Knob
Candlestick Maker Knob
Chrysanthemum Knob
Opulent Scroll Pull
Prairie Tulip
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Portobello Road Pulls
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