Expressing Personality with Coffee Tables

This sophisticated Industrial Coffee Table has dark bronze finished legs, accenting the antique mirror. Coffee table is perfect for large open rooms, perfect to add to your mixed metal decor

The choice of coffee tables in a living room can be as varied as people’s personalities. The coffee table is chosen, along with fascinating items displayed on it, offer an exceptional way to express individualism and uniqueness. Guests can tell a lot from the items on display, almost as if those items are quietly telling them a story.

Coffee tables can make a home feel more cozy and relaxed, especially if a nice variety of books and magazines are featured. If they are placed strategically, every guest will be able to enjoy a good book or experience the comfort of thumbing through a favorite magazine, while engaging in light banter. Everyone will feel comfortable.

Tables come in a wonderful array of shapes from square to round, to oval or rectangular. The best shape is determined by the decorating style of the room. They can be crafted from wood, glass top tables with pretty brass or silver legs, or elegant marble top tables.

Styles are as plentiful as personality types. Styles like Louis XV or French Neoclassic make an elegant statement, one that says a person enjoys the finest things in life. Scottish and French-style tables create an aura of being well-traveled. Other beautiful styles like Tuscan, carved wood, or glass top tables beg guests to put their feet up and relax. Tables are as different as people who own them.

coffee tables

$2,160.00 ARTF5025
16.5"H x 40"W x 40"D
$2,795.00 ARTF4392
14"H x 34"W x 34"D
$2,445.00 ARTF2038
14.5"H x 38"W x 38"D
$1,625.00 ARTF5098
13"H x 32"W x 32"D
$3,225.00 ARTF4724
16"H x 48"W x 48"D
$2,910.00 ARTF5568
14"H x 39.5"W x 39.5"D
$4,290.00 ARTF5369
16"H x 58"W x 26"D
$2,860.00 ARTF4763
15"H x 49.5"W x 30"D
$5,200.00 ARTF5370
17"H x 38"W x 38"D
$1,365.00 ARTF2100
14"H x 36"W x 24"D
$1,365.00 ARTF2101
14"H x 36"W x 24"D

When decorating with accent tables, almost any type of display items can be used. In fact, the more eclectic the item, the more of a conversation starter it is. Try displaying a treasured family heirloom on the table, along with several books. Books about family histories and antiques are good choices. Interesting, over-sized items like decorative bowls work well on larger tables, and unique collections are fabulous.

Put that pretty tea-pot out with a variety of adorable cups in a creative display. Then, enjoy the conversations that begin from such unique items. Try items of different sizes, remembering that varying height is important when displaying treasured pieces. Another important decorating concept is never to create an area that looks cluttered with too many objects. The idea is to draw attention for positive reasons, not to be distracting because of too many items on the table.

Glass top tables are perfect for displaying items with an earthy theme, like a beautiful dish of aromatic potpourri. Pretty glass vases and unique display pieces like tin boxes or candles complete the look in an interesting way. Heights of items can be altered by placing an item on top of books. The idea is to create a look that is interesting and inspirational, without taking away from the look of the rest of the room.

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