Lighting and Space

lighting and space; unique lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures bring your home interior to life. Lighting gives form and texture to a room, warms the dark corners, highlights a favorite piece of art, or creates a right mood.

Changing the brightness of light that reflects from the floor, wall, and ceiling, has an effect on our visual perception of space proportions. That is why by changing the brightness, you can “correct” the proportions and volume of your space.

Do not get intimidated by experimenting with different lighting sources. You have many choices, and you can make sure that you make the right choice for you. There are just a few little tips and tricks to make your life easier.

Lighting Tricks and Tips

To visually expand a smaller space you should increase lighting saturation on the walls by using finishing materials and wall decorations with good reflective qualities.

  • To “bring walls together” in a large space, use finishing materials with good reflective qualities on the floor and ceilings.
  • Use lighting fixtures with “hard light” to eliminate large spaces.
  • Windows, pictures, and mirrors tend to open up a space, make it appear wider.
  • To make a narrow walkway appear wider, you should consider painting the wall on the end of the walkway a lighter color than the rest of the walls. To make an illusion stronger – generously light back the wall with the lighting fixtures.
  • You can “cut” or visually separate a long walkway with bright light directed across.
  • Usually, ceiling lighting fixtures are placed in the middle line of the ceiling. In a narrow space, this type of positioning will make the interior appear even narrower. For visual expansion shift the line 3 to 4 inches towards one of the walls. By locating ceiling fixtures closer to one of the longer walls, you will visually expand the space.
  • Placing a straight line of the same lighting fixtures on the ceiling will enhance the perspective of the interior space.

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