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Highest Quality Standards Not Compromised By Accessibility of Price.

Recently, the design professionals at InvitingHome.com exposed a gaping hole in the home improvement market by filling a need that many homeowners never realized they had: an affordable option for home design projects involving the integration of wood molding into their homes.

Wood moldings, with their carved renderings, were once associated with the homes of the wealthy and well-to-do. The costs for such products can be substantial, and the sticker shock associated with such home improvement projects have often left homeowners with a pronounced sense of the unattainable.

“Up until this point,” says one homeowner, “I never even entertained the thought of installing moldings in my home. But now that I’ve seen the embossed wood molding, and looked at the prices, I’ve already started mentally renovating my living and dining rooms. I’m in shock that these products look the way they do and are priced the way they are. I guess I’m not doomed to living in a home with plain walls all around.”

The accessible price of the embossed wood molding collection is due to the formation of the unique designs themselves. Instead of being carved directly from the wood’s background itself, the embossed design is “pressed” directly onto the molding. Formed from an extremely hot press, the embossed design is embedded directly into the wood molding itself and looks as if it were carved into the molding by a master hand.

The widely resourced design site boasts a wide selection of embossed wood molding in their collection including embossed wood crown molding, panel molding, chair-rail molding, baseboard molding, window and door trim molding, and back-band molding. Homeowners also find the embossed wood molding collection attractive because of the variety of designs and sizes available, simplifying their project by offering many options for creating a cohesive, coordinated look in their homes.

“This collection has definitely exceeded my expectations,” praises another homeowner. “The selection cannot be beaten, and the installation was a snap.” He goes on to joke, “Now my colonial style home is like a colonial style palace! The detail and character it imparts to my home is unbelievable.”

Through the artistic medium that is their homes; satisfied customers like these learn what the design professionals at InvitingHome.com have known all along: Beautiful design is for everyone.

Interested persons may view the embossed wood molding collection through the website. View the wide selection of products and read tips on finishing and installation. Interested persons can also learn more about the design groups Flex Molding Collection for difficult installation issues.

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